Avoid Cyber Crime While Traveling

No one pays closer attention to a travelers’ plans than cybercriminals. At a time when data breaches are on the rise worldwide, thieves are using technology to take advantage of travelers’ unsecured devices, unprotected data and unguarded identities. If you take just a few of the following steps while traveling, you can protect yourself against cybercrime—while still enjoying your time away.

WebPrepare well in advance. Take a few small steps, like updating your devices and double-checking your accommodation’s fine print, can greatly increase your security while traveling.

Before heading to the airport, pack with safety in mind. Always carry copies of imPackportant identity information, aside from your passport or driver’s license, in case those items are stolen. Carry these documents on you at all times so you can use them, or ones readily available at home, to confirm your identity at an embassy or airport.

CrowdedTake caution when visiting very popular destinations as these places are just as likely to attract cybercriminals as they do tourists. Before you connect to a conveniently public Wi-Fi network, know the risks. Close out apps that could hold important personal information and look out for “shoulder surfers” who could be watching.

By taking these simple steps, you could avoid a potentially devastating cyber attack. With everything in this world from communication, to paying bills, to applying for loans all becoming electronically based, the necessity for greater protection is much higher. Many consumers assume that the device distributor or software contain all the protection they need however, protecting your assets starts with you acknowledging the risks ad doing your part to avoid an attack.

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