Building Your Strategic Team

Nov 21, 17 • General News, Jackie Ilich

Here at First Texas Insurance, we want to ensure that, not only are we part of your team, but that you have a strong financial and liability team in place. It is important to have certain professionals in place, or creditable professionals in mind, when dealing with the most important aspects of your life.

Below is a diagram created to help you begin building your strategic team! We recommend having all of the following support systems in place in the event of a catastrophic event in your life. These people may not seem too important to you now however, in worst case scenarios, you will work with these professionals very closely so, we recommend taking the time to research your choices and make your decision based on references, professionalism, work ethic, and many other important attributes that you would want these individuals to possess.

Strategic Team Photo

We’ve left an open bubble as you more than likely already have a trusted source in mind for dynamic life events such as a financial advisor, an arbitrator, or any other professional that would benefit you depending on the specific situation like a roofer, contractor, or independent adjuster.

In taking the time to build your team, these individuals would ideally communicate frequently and adequately, with you and each other, to work in your best interest! Be sure to select dependable, responsible, and organized professionals to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed across the board.