Home Insurance 101

Jun 12, 18 • General News

Your Home Insurance Policy and Your Roof: What to Know About Your Existing Policy and What to Look for When Reviewing or Shopping for a New One

Home Policy

Home insurance policies in Texas are changing and where there used to be a handful of different policies allowed to be written in Texas, there are now close to hundreds of options allowed. If you’re a homeowner, it’s important that you keep up with these changes, review your existing policy to understand exactly what your insurance covers and thoroughly review any revised or new policies.

The Insurance Business

Make no mistake that the insurance industry is a business. And while an insurance company cares about your roof (it protects your home from the elements and expensive interior damages), they must manage the money they take in … and the money they pay out. In doing so, many insurers are becoming more restrictive with homeowners’ roof coverage, especially in significant hail storm damaged areas of the country like Texas.

It’s up to you, the homeowner, to understand your policy and ensure that your insurance carrier covers everything required by your particular policy. If you’re unsure if a certain loss would be covered, get in touch with your agent to find out what specific coverages your policy holds!