Workers’ Compensation


Did you know that if you elect not to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance, you are still required to follow certain non-subscription procedures, even if you purchase an alternative type product?

A non-subscriber is required to file the DWC Form-005 with the Division of Workers Compensation annually between Feb. 1 and April 30 of each calendar year. The law also requires written notices be posted in the personnel office, and in a prominent place where employees can see them regularly, stating that you do not have workers compensation insurance. A written notice must also be given to new employees upon hire. Employers with five or more employees also have ongoing requirements to report monthly any injury that results in more than one day lost from work, including all occupational illnesses and fatalities.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides employers and employees with the MOST COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE & PROTECTION AVAILABLE and it is more affordable than ever with further rate reductions coming!

Please contact our office to discuss the benefits and protections afforded by subscribing to the Texas Workers Compensation system. We encourage you to obtain a quote, so you can make an informed decision regarding what is best for you and your business. In the meantime, questions and answers regarding requirements of a non-subscribing employer can be viewed at the Texas Department of Insurance’s website.

 Failure to follow the Division of Workers Compensation non-subscription rules can be very costly.

Further, in the event that Workers Compensation premium is simply not affordable at this time, there are alternative products available that will provide you some protection. Please contact our office for more details.