Jo Ann B. – Mansfield

Most of us have little knowledge in regard to insurance, so trust is essential.  We have enjoyed that trust for more than thirty years with First Texas.  Trey Dacy and his staff have given us a friendly, family-type relationship and we appreciate knowing we can depend on them to do what is best for our personal and our business insurance needs.  They provide the extra step and have never let us down.  Thank you.

Chuck P. – Fort Worth

We have been doing business with First Texas Insurance for at least 20 years.  As we began our business, we had a great deal to learn concerning commercial insurance.  Larry McNeil has helped us in understanding the needs and requirements of our business.

As we have grown, they have taken care of all our company’s insurance needs.  First Texas has given us exceptional service and earned our confidence.  We rely on their expertise in presenting us with options and suggestions that are best suited and available for all our needs.

We are very proud to consider First Texas one of our extended family members.  In today’s business climate, it’s nice to feel confident that we have a bond of trust with them.  Great people to work with!

Rusty P. – Arlington

First Texas Insurance Services, under the personal supervision of Larry McNeil, has handled our firm’s insurance needs for the last 25-30 years.  We have always received first class service in the handling of any issue or claims that have come up over that period of time.  They are very professional but also are very relationship driven in the way they handle our insurance needs. They handle our needs like a partner not like a vendor.

Chris K. – Euless

First Texas Insurance Services has delivered on its promises.  First Texas’ methodical, hands-on risk audit process yielded sobering insight into my company’s exposed risks and practical steps to manage those risks — all of this before seeing one penny in commission.  Switching from my previous insurance broker was a no-brainer.  I no longer have a broker that I basically see when its time for policies to renew.  With First Texas, I now have a professional risk advisor, who is engaged and available to consult about day-to-day business issues and who routinely audits our company’s risks.  Astoundingly, First Texas has delivered this exceptional value without any additional cost to our business.